MIV (Mobile Inventory Vehicle)


cameraThe TTS OCR-MIV (Optical Character Recognition - Mobile Inventory Vehicle powered by Paceco®) is a system that utilizes Paceco® OCR (optical character recognition) technology installed on a pickup truck to capture pertinent information from parked on-wheel chassis containers. This system has been specifically designed for yards that have a need for inventory management for on-wheel chassis parking. This allows for container location )via a GPS tracking system) and container identification (with the on board Paceco® OCR system) to be tracked in real-time within the terminal. The camera automation system locates wheeled loads transported into a terminal.


miv1The Paceco® OCR system will read the container's ISO ID number from the front of the container sensing system. The Paceco® OCR system has 90% or greater container reads. Cameras are configured to read both horizontal and vertical container numbers, which eliminates the need for labor intensive manual "spotting" of parked wheeled loads. Detection sensors can detect empty, bare chassis, and container/chassis in a specific parking spot. The audit system allows for correction of difficult to read containers in a safe workstation environment.


miv2Implementing the MIV inventory management system creates an accurate, rapid, and cost effective solution which reduces terminal congestion, increases terminal velocity, and improves your trucking partners' on terminal dwell time.

For additional information on MIV services including pricing,
please contact Art Gneuhs at agneuhs@ttsterminals.com
or call 773-617-9140.

Download an informational flyer regarding the MIV here.

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