IER (Intermodal Equipment Review)


The intermodal Equipment Review (IER) process provides validation of the availability of loads notified
for pick up. The inspection, though it does not take the place of the DOT mandated pre-trip inspection
performed by the driver, it is designed to quickly determine the status of the designated equipment and
offer repair options. For example:

  Reporting Status Defined As    Equipment Condition  
Available =

   No defects identified


   Vehicle issues identified that are
   available for roadability lane
   repairs or outside vendor repair


  Shipper/IEP approved vendor
  notified to complete repair
Flip =   Mis-mounted or gross defect

Items inspected include but are not limited to: Pins Lights, Legs, Crank, Tires (Visual), FHWA,
Container, Seal, Air Lines, Chassis Stencil

The Intermodal Reviw Process accomplishes the following:
• Reduces/eliminates driver delay time at
  roadability/flip line
• Provides a measurement tool of IEP/Rail/Vendor
• Provides a retention tool for drivers and
  owner operators
• Adds to driver productivity
• Boosts visibility of out of service violations
• Creates driver & equipment safety awareness
• Provides documentation of maintenance & compliance
• Enhances the ability to accurately determine
  resource needs
• Increases asset utilization through advanced
  warning of potential delays
• Improves customer on time service objectives

For additional information on IER services including pricing,
please contact Art Gneuhs at agneuhs@ttsterminals.com
or call 773-617-9140.

Download an informational flyer regarding the benefits of IER here.

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