TTS Terminals, Inc. knows that consumers around the world rely on transportation companies to deliver and
    store their products safely, on-time and within a budget.

   TTS Terminals, Inc., for that reason, is making it our mission to help companies improve their competitive
    advantage and maintain standards of excellence by providing an outsourcing arrangement that offers a broad
    range of traditional and innovative solutions in the following areas:


Checkpoint Operations
• Automated Gate Operations Management (AGS)

Container Yard (CY) Operations
• Equipment Lease Management and Terminations

Dispatch/Dray Services
• Crosstown Dispatching
• Expedited Dray Service Recovery
• Equipment Repositioning

Inventory Management
• Yard Check
• Equipment Damage Inspection/Liability Assignment
• Pool Management
• Container/Trailer Management
• Equipment Grading

Mobile Inventory Vehicle (MIV)
• Utilizing OCR Technology
• Reduces labor cost while providing accurate, real
   time data
• Ability to quickly locate and communicate equipment
   location to the customers' terminal
• Eliminate the need for labor intensive manual spotting
   of equipment

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Safety Solutions

• Safety team development & facilitation
• Onsite HAZ-MAT awareness
   training & certification




Intermodal Equipment Review
• Reduces/eliminates driver delay time at
  roadability/flip line
• Provides a measurement tool of IEP/Rail/Vendor
• Provides a retention tool for drivers and
  owner operators
• Adds to driver productivity
• Boosts visibility of out of service violations
• Creates driver & equipment safety awareness
• Provides documentation of maintenance & compliance
• Enhances the ability to accurately determine
  resource needs
• Increases asset utilization through advanced
  warning of potential delays
• Improves customer on time service objectives

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Hub Support and Solutions

• Intermodal Train Analyst
• Customer Service
• Administrative Assistant
• Custom Clerk
• Computer/Data Analyst
• Intermodal Database Development
• Invoicing